• Released Android version. Free Download. [2011.11.16]
  • Chizuatter can now be downloaded for free. [2011.06.22]
  • You can now display results from Google My Maps. [2011.06.22]
  • What is this?

    chizuatter is an iPhone/Android application which aims to quickly find specific places around you.

    "I need to get some work done before the next meeting but I need somewhere I can use a power outlet."
    "Hmm. I need to kill some time... Is there a cafe near here?"
    "Uh-oh, not much fuel left. Where is the closest gas station?"

    Now, you don't need to worry about being stuck in such a situation. With chizuatter, you can find a place you want to get to by tapping chizuatter on your iPhone/Android and selecting an item from the list. It's as easy as that. If you select a keyword, the Maps app will be launched and show you the closest places corresponding to the keyword. If you select a My Map item however, then a custom map will be displayed and by using the contents of that My Map, will display results closest to you!

    A few convenient My Maps you can use include Cafes with usable Power Outlets in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Chiyoda (by Cafes with usable Power Outlets - Japanese) or Evacuation sites in Tokyo (Created after the Eastern Japan Earthquake) or any other public My Maps.

    A page is available with links to a number of convenient My Maps and keywords for you to add to your chizuatter iPhone/Android application. Please feel free to contribute to the page with any other useful My Maps or keywords that you discover.

    How does it look?

    What are the settings?

    How can I get it?

    iPhone version can be found on the App Store. The Android version from the Android Market. Both can be downloaded for free.



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